Speak Out Services, LLC 
Training for Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention
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Meet The Captain

Bonnie Bazill-Davis is President of Speak Out Services, and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.  In her one-of-a-kind training sessions, she shares her story creatively intertwined with best practice information for helping professionals.  She is known as the "Heeler" for using the shoes from her childhood to walk her audiences through the experiences of incest, drug addiction, and runaway behavior.  But it is her journey into sobriety and her courage to embrace her feelings that leaves her audiences with hope that healthy living can be attained after abuse.

Bonnie is a former chemical dependency counselor and has 19 years of training and education experience with audiences of all ages.
She contracts with the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program which demands the highest of standards in evidence-based information.  She has received national recognition presenting her Overcoming Trauma workshop at the 2011 National Colloquium of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children and placing in the top 18 in the 2006 International Speech Contest for Toastmasters International.